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We've found an interest for some of our visitors to visit prayer pages. These are places where  you can submit your prayer request so others around the world can join in prayer for you, as well as your prayers for their needs. This is our list of Web Pages we found who take prayer requests.. We had positive experiences here and recommend these sites. Our intent here is that of being helpful and of good intentions. If you have had less that positive experiences, please let us know. Each site will open in a new window

Jayna & Jared's bedtime prayersPrayerlines Online Athen at St Theresa's Altar in So. Lake Tahoe, CA

  • The Fatima Network Each day, Father Gruner and the other priests of the Apostolate remember the special intentions of Our Lady's friends at Holy Mass and in their Daily Office. In addition, special Masses are offered throughout the liturgical year appropriate to the season. By special request, Mass and prayer intentions (whether received by letter, phone or email) will be placed at the foot of the Statue of Our Lady in Her Chapel at the Fatima Center.
  • Our Mother of Mercy Catholic Center You are invited to place your requests for prayer here. You are also invited to share in the great spiritual work of praying for the intentions of each other. As a community that is united in one heart and one mind in devotion to Our Lady, we remember that we are aided by her most powerful intercession. We trust in her care for us to obtain the graces that we need, according to the Will of God, and for our own good.
  • Church of Saint Monica Fill out the form on this page and click to submit. Their Parish staff will ensure that your prayers are incorporated into their liturgy.
  • St. Jude Prayer Line If you have a specific intention for which you would like St. Jude's Prayer E-Line Team to pray, complete the form. Prayer requests will be sent immediately to their prayer team.
  • Miracle of the Rosary Mission The telephone number for the Miracle Prayer Line is (985) 446-5840. There are designated days and times when a member of the Prayer Apostolate, one of the Twelve, will be available to accept your prayer intentions and pray with you, if desired. (See Schedule) At all other times you may call the Miracle Prayer Line, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and leave your name and intentions with the answering service. Your name and intentions are added to the Mission's Book of Intentions. These people and intentions are remembered in prayer daily before our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. You can also email your prayer request.
  • Spirit FM 90.5 WBVM Tampa Spirit FM is owned and operated by the Catholic Diocese of St. Petersburg Florida. The Spirit FM studios are located near downtown Tampa and transmit at 90.5 FM with a 100,000 watt signal from the same tower as Channel 13 (WTVT), Tampa. Spirit FM simulcasts on 88.3 FM Lecanto at 2,500 watts in Lecanto Florida. The combination of these two frequencies, overlapping slightly, provides a coverage area of almost half of the state of Florida. Send (on their prayer request page) your prayer request. You can also call their 24 hour Prayerline (813) 282-1234
  • RENEW International Faith Sharing Prayers. You are invited to submit your prayer intentions using their form. The RENEW International ministerial community gathers together to celebrate Eucharist each day. Your prayer intentions will be placed before the altar in their chapel and will be remembered in the prayers of their entire staff.
  • St. Columban Life Teen Life Line - Prayer Chain. Add a prayer intention and the community here at www.sclt.org shall pray for whomever/whatever it is for. You do not have to put your name if you do not wish to do so, you may remain "Anonymous". Prayers are never deleted, they are archived.
  • St. Therese, "the Little Flower" Society of the Little Flower. Your petitions will be remembered at Mass and in prayer by the Carmelites for thirty days. In the heart of St. Therese and in the Communion of Saints, Jesus lives and listens.
  • The Catholic Prayer Page All requests and comments entered here are public. For private comments, or if you have a question you may email them.
  • The Mass .org Your prayers will be included in the petitions of the TV Masses celebrated at Saint Ann's Basilica and broadcast across the USA on the Odyssey Channel
  • Sister Disciples of the Divine Master Prayer is an integral part of the ministry of the Sister Disciples of the Divine Master and they are happy to remember your prayer intentions in their daily prayers in their religious community in Rome. For more information about the sisters, you can visit them in their website: http://pddm.org

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