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Snail Mail Remail Service. Remail locations include Anchorage AK, Tucson AZ, Roseville, Sacramento, Magalia, Paradise, South Lake Tahoe, Oakland, Benicia, and Marysville CA, East Point and Carrabelle FL, Springfield MO, New York NY, Carson City and Reno NV, Cave Junction and Eugene OR, Middle town and Harrisburg PA, and Roanoke, Dallas or Garland TX

Letters & Testimonies from our customers

Since we are an anonymous snail mail remail service we offen can't give you names, pictures and locations (which is customary in most other situations) and still protect the anonymity of our customers. The following have offered their honest testimonies and we keep our promise of allowing them to remain anonymous unless they have already given their permission.

  • ...I was going through a divorce and wanted to send my husband the keys to the car while avoiding a confrontation at that time. I used your service to have the padded envelope with the car keys postmarked from Anchorage Alaska. That worked quite well for me and I am keeping your addresses and web site in my files. THANK YOU!
  • I know this sounds strange, but my sister lives 1/2 block down the street from me and I haven't heard from her is six months. She hasn't called to say hello or see how I'm doing. I'm sending one of your Alaska postcards from Alaska just to get her attention...
  • ...I abused my children and left my family to protect the children. I am using your service to contact them and let them know that I really love them and to let them know that I am in therapy and getting help... (This was from a Mom who was in great emotional pain)
  • ...I would like to send a letter to my brother anonymously as we are in a big argument and I don't want him to know where I am. What I would like to do is write the letter and have it sent to him from a very different location....
  • I enjoyed your good & reliable service. I find it very efficient & friendly as well. I would recommend this remail service to all. ~ Anya - S'pore
  • ...My best friend's husband is having an affair and I wanted to send her a letter to let her know anonymously to avoid her hearing it from me....

Click here for locations to send your letters to be remailed.

We presently Remail from the following States:
Alaska | Arizona | California | Nevada | Florida | Missouri | New York | Oklahoma | Oregon | Texas
(and more to come soon!)

Snail Mail Remail Service

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