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Be Anonymous!

Send cards, letters, photos, gifts, etc. to friends online without putting yourself in danger, just use our remail service until you are more comfortable with the safety of your new-found friend.

Have you ever thought of sending a letter, Post Card or package to someone from an Area or far away place without actually being there yourself? Our Snail Mail Remail Service will provide you this unique new service at a reasonable cost and we provide a variety of locations for remail.

We remail anonymous letters and packages from our locations with
an authentic US post mark, by snail mail!

Great for sending…

  • Thanksgiving messages
  • Cards or letters from the Christmas Angel
  • Cards or letters from the Tooth Fairy
  • Cards or letters from the Easter Bunny
  • Surprise gifts
  • Letters from a Secret Admirer
  • Letters of forgiveness
  • Safer mail in Internet Romances
  • And more.

secret angels, giving, letters, packages anonymous letters and postcards by mail Secret admirer and internet romance & dtingAnonymous gift giving

Note: ITEX accepted only at the Yvonne SMRS Roseville/Sacramento location

We presently Remail from the following States:
Alaska | Arizona | California | Nevada | Florida | Missouri | Oklahoma | Oregon | Texas

(and more to come soon!)

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